Thursday, July 10, 2014


Protection of the Patisserie:

While eating together, something went missing...
Sisto: "Uh, who took my croissant?"

The Internet:

When checking in to our Cassis rental, we ran in to trouble with the language barrier. A walk through of the apartment involved a lot of smiling and "Merci" but then we got down to the serious matters at hand: wireless internet. (Its mostly for Erics work as the french have figured out how to block all international streaming websites and such.)

Nicole: "Internet? Wifi?"
Mme Costi: Shakes her head and smiles.
Nicole: "Wifi?" I pull out our phone and show her the log in page.
Mm Costi: "Oh- Weeee-feeeee!! Ha Ha Ha" (as if to assume the way we were saying it was funnier then the way she just did)

Needless to say, we currently have an ongoing joke regarding our "weee-feee".

Shopping for Olives:

Eric is helped by a very friendly market tenant, proudly discussing his olive display. As Eric purchases some tapenade for lunch, the conversation goes as follows:

Gentleman: "Where are you from?"
Eric: "Los Angeles."
Gentleman: "Wow! Do they have olives in Los Angeles?"

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