Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Day Trip No. 2: Aix-en-Provence

Eric really wanted to do Avignon and I really wanted to see Aix. 
So, today was a day of early rising (by that I mean leave by 9 since the markets are quick to close at noon). We did get in some promised time at the local park before putting the kids in the car, again.

I love this city the most (aside from Paris, of course). It's very Roman in feeling and the fountains all over town make the roundabouts tolerable. Most of the streets in the city center are pedestrian only. We found a coffee shop roasting the beans right in front of us. Enjoyed the textile market and the food market, where we picked up basil, tomatoes, cucumbers and baguettes for future meals.

"Oh, I forgot basil. 'Ba-sil?'"
Curious face from market man.
I walk over, point.
"Oh", he says, "ba-see-liii!"

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