Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Cassis and surroundings

Our first day trip: Avignon

A very medieval town, made more dreary by the fact that it was raining when we arrived.
Nevertheless, we managed to wait it out and explore the "other" Vatican. 

Sisto found his second carousel. We seem to be developing a pattern here.
Every town in France has one he must ride.

Rafa is constantly telling everyone what we need to know. Maybe he was describing our view. Recently, we were attempting to eat lunch and Rafa was refusing his meal. Then, without missing a beat, he pointed to the bread in someone's hand and mumbled something that sounded exactly like: 
"I want bread." Sisto must have taught him that because his older brother says that about fifteen times a day. In the back seat, Sisto has taught him "Wow" and the art of perfecting "Uh Oh".

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