Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chaing Mai-

Heading up to the Golden Triangle tomorrow. Spent today in the city, visiting Doi Suthep and Chedi Luang - two of the largest temples in town, and wandering the small, busy streets. We hung out at "Monk Chat" for the past hour, it's where monks are just ready and waiting for visitors to strike up a conversation. We learned about Buddhism, he learned a little economics from Eric (turns out he's studying at the university).

Markets are HUGE and everywhere. Tons of cheap trinkets, t-shirts, incense and's a lively place which makes me think we're in for a surprise at Bangkok- it's the largest cities of all our stops.

Happy Holidays to everyone...I saw a sign for "Christmas Meal" at a Western restaurant..."turkey, gravy, cranberries, green beans, all the fixings for 360 baht" $12 which is a lot considering you can get rice noodle veggies for 30 baht ($1) next door...might have to have the turkey, we're starting to crave Western food...

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