Thursday, December 20, 2007

Angkor Wat

We hired a tuk tuk driver (moped pulling a cart) for the day to drive us around the temples of Angkor for $13. We started at Angkor Wat at 6am and headed to the other famous temples from there (Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, you've seen these before). It's hard to do them justice here in a blog, probably the highlight of our trip. Imagine Machu Piccu or Rome still standing instead of in ruins. The temple complexes are massive, intricately detailed, and awe-inspiring. Hopefully a couple of pics can give you an idea.

The Cambodian people are wonderful and always eager to help (even if normally they have an angle for a little money). Food is great - been eating Khmer style currys and soups. Lots of ginger and lemongrass. Fruits are exotic and markets leave your head spinning. Too much fun!!


Jimmy said...


It is an incredible dream to be at Angkor Wat and have a Cambodian workover at the same time. Toes and palm shadow are superlative. Glad to know that cicada video is coming. Cecropia is a tropical American plant and probably is an inroduced invasive there. It is so in Malasia. Comforting to know tht Vishnu is a Gator. Go Gators!!


Vanessa said...

Hi Nicole and Eric,

Your travels are unbelievable!!
So happy you both are enjoying some down time together. It really seems to be an other worldly existence over there. Be happy.
Roma is experiencing a bit of an attitude adjustment as there is now a new kid in town. Marc comes over in the evenings to be sure there are enough laps for the dogs to sit on. She is doing fine.
Well, I have yet to make a single cookie. Did make toffee tonight, and Shepherd's Pie. Nic, when was the last time you had that?
It is 80 and nice; just doesn't feel like Christmas.
Celebrated Christmas with my adopted grandkids at the Picchiarini's last night. Dad and I had the best time. My gifts for the kids were a big hit.
Walmart sucked Vanessa into it's twilight zone today. She shopped 'til she dropped. (I like Macy's.)
Love and kisses,