Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We took a trip through the north of Thailand today. A driver picked us up at 6am and we drove through the countryside and through the hills between the Thai, Laos, and Burmese border. At the borders where the three countries meet, we rode in a longtail boat down the Mekong River and crossed into Laos for a short visit. The area here is known as the "Golden Triangle" for its history of opium trade. Much of that history is gone and replaced with other agricultural products (I think uncle Ed has something to do with this in Burma?). We walked into Burma for just a short visit and were immediately reminded of their harsh rule at the passport office. Everyone was very stern (especially compared with the free wheeling of the Thais) and they kept our passports until we would leave the country... we did.

We're thinking of everyone very much. Today was Christmas Eve for us and soon will be for you too. We're going to attend service tomorrow morning at a little chapel down the street. Merry Christmas!!!!

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Jimmy said...

Eric Nicole;

Your blog pics and scripts are great. Keep 'em going. Seeing red-mouth ladies there? Say, I once tromped thought he mud along the Mekong. I am cool too. Passport office not fiendly at Burma? They are in a revolution, you know. A scowl comes with revolutions. Get your turkey and cranberries? Mother and Grandmother hard at day-after-Christmas mall revelry.