Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Khao Lak Beach, Thailand

The beaches are like the United Nations. People from all over (but mostly Germany) are on vacation. Big Christmas destination spot so airlines, lobbies and such are filled with Christmas decor and "Frosty the Snowman" pumping thru the speakers. My big event over the past four days was befriending a hermit crab with the prettiest white/black shell, we named him Hermes. Tiny crabs are everyone which makes it hard to collect perfect shells for mom b/c they've taken all the good ones. Tiny waves crash on the shore and suck up all the shells which makes the prettiest "chiming" sound, as Eric put it. Trinkets from the sand and a cool Thailand Coke bottle are the only souveniors I've collected thus far (Marc-searching for one in Cambodia tomorrow).

Eric's finally succombed to the ways of pampering. A walk down the beach landed us at a little hut offering massages where (too afraid of a thai massage) Eric quickly opted for a foot treatment while I had yoga done to me...i now believe that's the most accurate analysis of a thai massage. If you're not the least bit flexible, your first go at it may not be as relaxing as the last massage you've had in America. These local women know what they're doing and for the next hour and $10 later I was stretched to the max. Impressed and not interested in being one-uped, Eric and I made way to our new favorite hut the next day where we both tried a massage again. Of course, Eric gets a cute little girl not weighing more then a 100 lbs and I get yet another women who's seen more then a few days in the family's kitchen hut next door. Not to worry, 10 minutes later I look over and see her literally standing on Eric's leg, making sure every ounce of her was being jammed in to his thigh. Might have seen a tear stroll down his face, not sure...

This is pretty much what the past four days have been like: up at 6am (still cannot get used to the new time), yoga from 7-8a by the spa pool, breakfast buffett, towels on favorite beach chairs, stroll down the beach to hut next door, 1-2 hours of massage, fried banana snack, sea shell collecting, a jump in the pool, sleeping under the umbrella, back to the hut for a great dinner (consisting of either green or pinneapple curries, fried rice with fresh prawn or mixed veggie with soya sauce). Repeat 3 more times. We seem to be getting ourselves in to cycles here but I have a feeling that's all about to change as we're embarking on the active part of our trip tomorrow.

Arriving in Siem Reap this evening, we're now very rested and ready for a few days on our feet. Other visitors have told us nothing but the most wonderful stories and visions of Angkor Wat so I'm anxiously awaiting our next destination...

Signing off for now...Mom-I've got Christmas music in my ears thanks to my iPOD. Angkor has lots of internet cafes so we'll post some pictures soon...
Thinking of everyone over the holidays!!


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