Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to get to Thailand and other random notes...

Board plane in Miami and arrive Atlanta 2 hours later. Board plane for San Francisco and arrive 5 hours later. Board plane for Hong Kong and arrive 14 hours later. Board plane for Singapore and arrive 3 hours later. Board plane for Bangkok and arrive 2 hours later. Board plane for Phuket and arrive 1 hour later. Get in car and drive 1 hour to the Khao Lak beach hotel. Presto, you're there! Seriously though, the Singapore Air portion of the flight (from San Francisco to Bangkok) is otherworldly. They cater to your every whim, the seats are luxurious, the food gourmet, and the entertainment top notch. I drank a Singapore Sling, couple of glasses of Barbera red wine (from Piedmont region of Italy), port, Johnie Walker scotch, couple more fruity drinks, but stayed hydrated with plenty of water. All of those drinks kept me going to the bathroom which was of course huge and full of perfurms that smelled good (they also always folded the toilet paper for you into neat little shapes).

For dad - we video taped the cicadas for you. Each evening around 5pm they would start making noise. Like a fire alarm, only louder. Is this normal? Cicropia (spelling?) trees like the one in our backyard are on the beach. Too bad about the flatware... your's was already shipped home, haha.

Looking forward to Angkor Wat. We'll be there in a couple of hours. Hopefully we can post some photos from our first few days. Great fun so far... wonderful people and country.

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Vanessa said...

You know it's a tease to tell tales of magical beaches and delectable drinks and not show pictures! Best line, "Eric got worked [by a 100lb Thai girl]." Love it.