Friday, December 14, 2007

It's noon in Singapore and we just completed flight 4 of 6. It's midnight your time USA which means Eric and I have been traveling for a day and a half already, seen 4 different first class seats and three different countries. Airports are ten times nicer in Asia then the US, complete with Tiffany's, Chanel Shops and an orchid garden --all decorated for Christmas. Jet lag has set in as it's midnight EST and it's a sunny 80 degrees here. Searching for soda to get keep me awake today so I don't ruin our first day in Phukett. All we've done so far is (in this order): watch movie, eat, sleep, watch movie, eat, sleep and thus repeat the cycle a few more times...Able to send this note through a free internet station in the terminal and Eric's telling me we're boarding for Bangkok now...Talk to you soon!


Vanessa said...

So you're saying you did some Christmas shopping in the airport. Sweet! I hope mine comes in a Chanel bag. ;)

Jimmy said...

The big deal 40 years ago for GIs on Bangkok R&R was Thai brass silverware with rosewood handles. If you are moved by that today, stiffle the emotions. We inherited the stuff I had sent to my mother and you will possess one day if you are clever and play your cards right. I was not in Bangkok, but buddy Robbie was and brought my stuff back.

Has the Phukett experience rested you in prep for the marathon ahead?


nvillanova said...

we're very well rested and ready for our trekking thru wats. 3 massages and a facial later we're ready to go! Eric's a little bruised...I think he's not flexible enough for thai massage...little girl worked him over...has bruises today.