Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Drive to the Cote de Azur

We spent yesterday driving from Bordeaux to the Cote de Azur. We stopped in Toulouse where we wandered the streets and found yet another splash pad for the boys and food for us to enjoy on the road (which is hard because the french refuse to eat unless they are properly seated al fresco). We discovered a yummy charcuterie owned by people from the Alsace region which meant it was very German and we even got two delicious pretzels as well!!

We hopped back in the car and before arriving at our sleeping stop (Narbonne), we were mesmerized by this huge, crazy, big and perfectly intact fort on a hill--Carcassonne. Seriously-we were in the car and jumped off the freeway and took a look around. Good thing because it was a great opportunity to discuss more knights and princess stories with Sisto.

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