Saturday, July 05, 2014

Bordeaux II

This morning we all slept in thanks to the black out blinds everyone keeps on
the outside of their home windows. It doesn't feel like bedtime till around 11p. We hit the old cobblestone roads again, and this time I took Sisto in to their Notre Dame cathedral and we lit a candle for St. Terese, patron saint de enfants. I think Sisto wanted to keep the candle because it took convincing to leave it. Eric and Rafa (attached to dad in the bjorn) went to the tourism office to gather information on the Medoc wine region where we are spending the afternoon sampling some lovely vintages. Each grower has their own chateaux, it's quite impressive. Note: Sisto now claims to know everything and keeps telling us that Rafa is too little to know everything so he only knows half of everything. I think it won't be long before he catches up to his big brother because while hanging off dad, all Rafa does is point in every direction and babble as if he's the leader of our guided tour. They both have some serious know it all Villanova habits. Can't wait till we're traveling together in our later years.

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