Sunday, May 13, 2012

We're off to see the bears!

Day 1- Mother's Day. Beginning of Yellowstone Adventure. For the most part, Sisto behaved very well on what was a 6 hour adventure on 2 planes, through 3 states- only to end up on the edge of yet another. Eric and I arrived at the hotel in Gardenier, Montana worn down, but Sisto was rested from yet another nap and ready to burn some energy. After all, he was wearing 2 sets of pilot wings and was very proud to show them off. Roosevelt Arch can be seen from our hotel room and we're 5 miles to the entrance (and Wyoming, check off state number 4). Most hotels and restaurants begin opening for the season in 2 weeks so our pickings for dinner were slim. We risked ordering fried rice because it is the boys favorite. Well, it was Eric's till Sisto knocked the entire container to the floor of the hotel room. Thank goodness this day was deemed a "travel day". Tomorrow the real fun begins.

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