Friday, May 11, 2012

A Day with Sisto

Ready for an example of a day with Sisto this week?

8a - Threw most of his breakfast to Roma.
12n - Threw most of his lunch at Roma. They are now to be separated during "feedings".
2p - Sneak a peak at Sisto and he's sleeping so sweetly I take a photo (see below, notice the diaper is still on).
3p - Sisto woke up screaming, "Potty" in a happy way. Walk in to find No. 2 in the crib and the clean diaper on the floor (see below, no diaper).
4p - While putting laundry in the dryer discover a wet remote control, added while we were tossing the clothes in the washing machine.
7p - Tosses bath toys in to toilet.

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