Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story of the Week:
So, we debated as to whether last night would be the night we'd give him a real bath. We decided it was a go and when I went to run the warm water, we discovered the hot water was out in our building. Plan was aborted. An hour later, still no hot water, I change Sisto's tenth diaper of the day and it all goes a wry. Little boy decides to spring a fountain while bare bottomed and I'm forced to cover the parts to prevent a sprinkle all over the place. To no avail, there's pee on me, on him, on the changing table. He's practically naked already so I scream at Eric to gather whatever warm water we could muster up because he definitely need a bath now. Poor little guy whaled the entire time and was not happy with us despite the fact that we managed to come up with water that wasn't freezing. Needless to say, we fare much better during bath time when it's not so forced.

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