Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Case of the Hiccups

O.k. so the video's not that exciting but I hope to soon catch all the coo-ing he's been doing these past few days. He makes little noises all day long to remind us he's in the room. Sisto loves company and does not like to be left alone to cry in the crib. He prefers checking out everyone and everything in the living room from the comforts of his little rocker. It's becoming a tradition at night, he watches us while we watch the new t.v.

He's eating like a champ, sleeping a good six hours at night and fusses on occasion. Roma's warming up to him. She's our baby monitor...when he cries, she jumps up and runs to his crib side as if she has a way of getting Sisto to be quiet. Then, she comes running to us in an effort to get us to do something. When she wakes up in the morning, Roma goes and rests on his rug because she knows I'll be picking him up soon for us to go on our morning walk- just the three of us. We've got a nice little routine.

I can't believe we're approaching 4 weeks already. Although, every day I wake up and notice little changes in his face and limbs. He's getting big so fast.

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