Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ok, a little explanation is apparently necessary. Everything was totally under control at the airport with the taxi driver/ripoff artist. I was simply making a point to him that he shouldn't try to rip off Americans. French - ok, Canadians - no problem, but try to rip off an American and you've got to answer for it. haha. It was a long time coming, having "turned the other cheek" numerous times, I had had enough. Funny enough, we had drinks with some Americans we meet yesterday and they had a similar situation and similarly laid the law down. Ah, good times.

Well, Darjeeling has been terrific. Though we will not get to see the mountain peeks that surround us because of the fog (we did see them when we flew in), it has still been a great stop. We spend our days drinking tea and walking the steeply sloped streets of this tiny little hill town of mostly Nepalese and Tibeten ex-pats. The weather is cool and the itinerary minimal, so we just lounge around enjoying food and drink.

We leave for Calcutta tomorrow evening for a one night stay and then we return to America the next day... it's so close we can almost feel it. It has been an incredible month of traveling around and experiencing this crazy subcontinent, but we are both ready to be home. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

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