Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

o.k. well we're not there exactly, but the admiral's club at the heathrow airport is close enough. we inquired about our tickets and when she saw Platinum immediately directed us to the lounge, yay!!!

We arrived in Kolkata two days ago, excited for a little r & r before our long travels home. Eric, unfortunately, got food poisoning at (of all places) the buffett at the nicest hotel in India, the Oberoi Grand. We spent most of our time in Kolkata watching t.v. and enjoying room service till Eric recovered. And he did, just in time to catch an evening flight the following day to start our journey home.

We had an amazing, most eye-opening experience of a lifetime. We're glad we took this trip and also very glad to be heading back to the creature comforts of home.

Thanks for keeping in touch during our time away and hope to see everyone in Bradenton soon!

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