Monday, July 06, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

We had a great time visiting college friends and winning big during Nicole's birthday weekend/4th of July holiday! Hung out at Venetian, Palazzo and Bellagio most of the time, but struck it rich while walking home on the first night. 20 minutes in to my birthday and we strolled thru Harrah's to stay out of the heat on the street. We bellied up to an empty "Let it Ride" table and threw down our bet. First 3 cards were dealt, I took a peak and immediately looked at Eric and started laughing. "You have 3 of a kind!!?! You just won $100, now we're back to even for the night...what'd be great is if she threw a Jack down for one of her cards," Eric says. We look up, sure enough, she's standing in front of us with a Jack. "Oh my God- we have 4 of a kind!!! That's $1,500 plus the $300 bonus!" The dealer and now pit boss took a look at our cards and immediately had a less then friendly face. Eric started getting a little too excited and was reprimanded to at which point we immediately picked up all the chips and ran to the Cashier counter. Needless to say, the rest of the weekend was very relaxing.

Roma had a good time, relaxing in her "heavenly bed" the entire time we strolled around the city. We saw the temperature hit 109 in the car, so we were very happy to see 71 degrees upon arriving back in Santa Monica.

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