Monday, July 20, 2009

National Park RoadTrip Part III

Started in LA, headed to Denver, through Utah. Had a beautiful scenic route the entire way. Spent a week in downtown Denver, Nicole relaxed at the hotel while Eric went to training. Roma loved the huge park nearby, played ball every day. Hottest it got was 90. Left on Friday afternoon for Pam's and Doug's house in Colorado Springs. Met Evy and enjoyed shrimp and grits and good company. Stopped for the night somewhere along the highway and made it to Santa Fe in the morning to snoop about town and enjoy some sought after Mexican food- enchiladas and sopapilla! Temperature around 100 degrees. Continued down to Albuquerque, checked out town via Route 66 and made it to Chandler, AZ (home of Danine) late at night. Woke up to discover a beautiful resort with amazing views, nice facilities and a casino! Spent the day checking out the sights courtesy of Marco and Danine, hung out by the pool (see Eric below) where it was 113 degrees and grabbed a meal at a local diner (see group shot below). Woke up on Monday to drive back to town, watched the thermostat in the car hit 113 again and gradually go down to 79 which is when we knew we were back in Santa Monica.

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