Friday, August 26, 2016

First Day of Pre School and 1st Grade

Rafael's First Week of PreSchool
Monday: No tears and a thumb's up. Pick up report was tears off and on.
Tuesday: "I dont want to go" and tears when Sisto and I had to leave. He needed Ms Patricia to hang out with him. Pick up report was a little better.
Wednesday: A little sad and holding back tears when we left. Pickup report was "Mommy Ms Cassie said I did real good today!"
Thursday: Drop off was ok but still not completely happy. Pick up report was he did great.
Friday: A big wave goodbye in the window and a happy thumbs up. Pick up report was "No more tears mommy!"

Sisto did great. He had a birthday desk waiting for him on day 1, since it was his special day. He gets released to the yard on his own and has asked that I come five minutes late so he can play. So on Thursday and Friday, I arrive at the school at exactly 2:50p and my girlfriend is calling me telling me Sisto looks annoyed that I'm not there yet. Apparently he "wanted me there at 245 so I could watch him play for a little while. 

First day pickup (just a few tears)

 Rafa's first art project

 This is how Rafa and I ride home.

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