Saturday, February 20, 2016

Little Man down

Update on Rafael (who was admitted in to UCLA hospital for lymph node infection).

He's had blood drawn for testing and given pain medicine to reduce his fever through his new IV which he loves not so much. The medicine is already dropping his fever so hopefully he'll rest well tonight. Blood work shows all normal signs of infection, i.e. High white blood cell count. 

He's resting comfortably and watching  movies. I brought dinner in to the room for Eric, Tina and I and will hang out with him till bedtime. He had an ultrasound to check for fluid in lymph nodes. If there appears to be fluid, it will need to be drained and ear/nose/throat specialists will be brought in to help access the situation. We'll get results in the morning (Sunday).

Prayers for some answers and a healthy boy soon. Thanks 

3am update-his fever has subsided and he's at 98.7 with no need for Tylenol except he did wake up now rubbing his neck but went back to sleep. Seven hours since last dosage so I can assume the antibiotics have started working. 😃

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