Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rafael's Second Birthday

Sorry for the delay in delivering these. I thought I had posted them already! 

First off, Jesse welcomed everyone to the roundup gang.

Robyn and Randy were nice enough to bring their trusty Bullseye to let everyone ride.

We had a ring toss game going on in the backyard.

Nono passing out Buzz rocket watermelons.

Harvey enjoying the thrills of his new Bullseye. Mama made 13 stick ponys for each child. Big hit!

Rafa was very happy pizza was on the menu.

(Note the big kid on the end)

Cake time! Claudia filled in for Tina and helped decorate our planet and aliens.

Nono taught Rafa how to lick the icing off first (at his birthday celebration one week prior). 

The Roundup Gang

Alien Grab

Toy Story Toss

Buzz from the Nonos!

These three are the inseparable.

Roundup Corner

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