Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chivalry Festival at Getty Center

Great day with the boys! I took them to the Getty. As soon as we got there, the two of them watched in awe as they demonstrated how knights got dressed in all their armor. Then we watched a bunch of pretend sword fights. Sisto volunteered to get a lesson, then quickly told me he "already knew how to fight". We made our own family flag, Sisto got himself a goblet (aka pimp cup) and then we strolled around the property. I've learned once released in to the wild, Rafa just takes off. Unlike Sisto, he never looks back. Just keeps on going.

Special thanks to Nona for providing the costume. It was a big hit amongst the kids and parents at the museum. I could have sold them if I was carrying some spare sets.

(note the gator on our family flag)

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