Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chateau you say?

Eric and I couldn't be more pleased that the first chateau visited by our crew was none other then the one made famous (to us anyway) by the EPCOT Impressions of France video we've watched so many times…

Every family takes a turn making the morning run to the patisserie to pick up croissants and pain de chocolate for breakfast before heading out.

So, it's not a full size castle but its still pretty nice, especially the grounds. This was the home of Leonardo da Vinci who, in his final years, made pals with a french king who gave him this lovely residence and a stipend to just hang out and think. IBM created some of his drawings and notes in to actual working inventions and it was great to explore each of them with the children. Bonus- we had no idea the town we're staying in (Amboise) was his final resting place so it's been nice to be learning about someone other then the very very very (did I say very?) wealthy old Frenchies who could afford these castles. Though, rumor has it the Amboise castle nearby boasts: the view from their tower gives you a shot of Mick Jaggar's chateau.

(no he did not actually drink soda while shooting this photo)

For the ECPOT enthusiasts, we're going to Chambord tomorrow and we have plans to watch the hounds chase and get fed there (yet another check off the old Impressions movie).


Vanessa said...

The shot of you and Eric in front of the castle looks photoshopped. Just sayin'!

Nicole Rachelle said...

That's how nice a day it was- the camera made it look fake. We were really there (and not at EPCOT) I swear.