Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bon Jour!

We finally made it!! I woke rehash the last 48 hours, but I'll say our actual day 2 abroad has been changed to Day 1 in an effort to boost spirits and moral after the most treacherous air travel Eric and I have experienced (minus the smooth A380 ride of course).

Day 1: Rafael's 1st Birthday
4am - Sisto wakes up ready to start his day. It only got dark around 11p and sun was rising by 530a so we tried to get him back to sleep. No such luck.

6am - Rafa wakes up super excited to find himself in mom's and dad's bed and brother Sisto nearby, Happy Birthday! He was all smiles, probably more to do with a decent amount of rest for the first time in days and less to do with his birthday.

730a - After giving neighbors enough peace and quiet, we released Sisto in to the neighborhood for a stroll.

9a - Breakfast with our hosts. Tea and cafe, chocolate croissants, delicious baguettes and jam. The boys take after their mother and are eating bread by the loaves.

10a - "We'll just take a short nap while you go pick up the car", Nicole says to Eric.

1p - We wake up and find ourselves stills sleeping and an hour late for a lunch date with Santa Monica friends.

**Pasteries and a Happy Birthday for Rafa.**

***While hanging out with friends, Rafael lets go of a chair and takes a few steps to Eric all by himself!! He was so excited at our joyous response he kept crawling back to the chair for a repeat performance.***

6p - We part the home of their parents and venture in to Paris!!! Sisto has been asking for the Eiffel Tower for 2 days now and we'd better deliver before we leave town.

730p - Nutella crepes and Steak and Frittes for dinner while getting a nice peak at the tower.

1030p - Everyone's past out and I'm closing up to catch my own zzzzz's.

Pictures to follow! We miss you all!

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