Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We have been in the town of Amboise for two nights now. It is two hours (by car) southwest of Paris and sits on the Loire River. This is where the wealthy Parisian aristocrats built magnificent chateau for summer getaways. Two of these chateau are featured prominently in the Epcot movie on France - Chambord which we will visit on Friday and Cheonceau (pronounced shin-o-so) which we visited yesterday.

Chenoceau is the chateau that straddles the river like a bridge. Sisto had a blast attempting to "storm the castle and save the princess."

We are staying in an ancient home on an enormous property. It has been in the family for hundreds of years, but is so expensive to maintain that the family cannot afford to live here. They rent it out to offset the cost of maintenance, but there is no way the fees earned could possibly cover it all. They keep it only because it is a family heirloom. There are eight bedrooms on three levels and so much room we are constantly losing Sisto and his little girlfriend Silvie. There are rose gardens, stables, a wine cellar, vegetables gardens, forest, and play yards for them to enjoy too.

Each morning we drive to the boulanger to get pan du chocolate, croissants, and baguettes. Cheese is our lunchtime snack, and then we cook dinner and drink nice Loire Valley wines.

Rafa continues to adjust to the nine hour difference, but slowly he is getting there.

World Cup has unfortunately been very difficult to watch. They do not air all of the games here!! Can you believe it??

Much love to all,

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