Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sisto Quotes from Las Vegas

"It's beautiful here, just like Hawaii."
(Commenting on the Wynn Hotel)

"I want to have my birthday in Las Vegas."
(Once he realized we were spending the entire weekend celebrating Tina's birthday.)

Added by Vanessa:
Vanessa: "When are you going to come see me in New York?"
Sisto: "Maybe this week."
Vanessa: "Oh really?"
Sisto: "Yes, how about Friday?"

"Hey-why is that boy walking by himself?"
(It wasn't a boy, it was a short person. This took the entire walk to explain to Sisto.)

Sisto: "Hey Uncle Marc, did you know??"
Linda: "Uncle Marc knows everything."
Sisto: "Well I know half of everything."

Sisto: "Mommy, look at all those girls."
Nic: "I see, let's keep walking."
Sisto: "Hey, what are they all doing on top of each other?"
Cue awkward silence. 

   Boys, 30 seconds after arriving. 

    Eric, en route. 

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