Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sisto's First Swim Lesson

It was torture for everyone involved the first 20 minutes. He had anxiety walking in to locker, refused to rinse off, eventually let go of me and sat in the pool with other kids and then had a full meltdown after because he didn't want to rinse off in the shower.

In the Pool: He finally warmed up to the female instructor and before you knew it she had the cap and goggles on him and he was kicking around the pool. I caught him smiling but when he saw me in the window he put in a mad/scared face. 

As we were leaving:
"Be honest. Was it that bad?"
"I was just pretending. I liked it. Will you take me again?"

Later, at home:
"It's not class, daddy. It's a lesson."
"Not a teacher, (looking at mom for pronunciation) they are instructors!" 

The second lesson went much better but were still having troubles when it comes to showers and rinse off. Kristina keeps asking me if I'm going to blow dry his hair and I have say, "did you see the performance a few minutes ago? I'm lucky to get a towel on his head."

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