Monday, March 24, 2014

Random conversations

Before I start with sisto conversations, let me say that Rafael is all about the "ba ba" and "da da" and "ma ma". Judy tried to get him to say the correct one on cue in the back seat and it sounded like they were having a deep conversation, rather argument. He kept insisting on "ba ba" instead. He would listening carefully to her, then respond very matter of fact with "ba ba" and sisto would say, "there are no sheep in the car!"

As sisto starts rubbing my shoulder....
Nona-"I think sisto wants Mommy's new shirt that looks like his blankie."
Sisto-"No! Nona. Nice boys give hugs and rub your back. They don't steal blankies." (Cue the guilty grin.)

Dad-"Mommy wants to go to Radiator Springs. Will you take her?"
Sisto-"Yes, but I can't drive!"

Mom-"Rafa is trying to eat his toes!"
Sisto-"He can't do that! They're attached to him."


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