Monday, February 10, 2014


Despite all our efforts to get a good night's sleep before our long day of travel across the Pacific, our plan was foiled. Sisto caught yet another version of gastroentinitis and at 3 in the morning began getting sick. Four trips to the bathroom and a long night of snuggling made for little sleep. Good news from all of this is Sisto was so lethargic on the plane we had no troubles. Between the two, there was a total of there naps and just one tv show. Five and a half hours on a plane!! We're very proud parents. 

So when we finally made it Sisto was so excited to watch all the activity at the small airport of Maui/OGG we barely got out of there. At his request, we sent dad for a "purple" rental car and he came back with a red one. Upon learning what red is in Hawaiian, we've named our ride for the next week "UlaUla". 

After a long day of travel and a quick trip to the pool, we settled in our hotel room early for the night only to discover neither Eric nor Sisto have underwear. I suppose we're all to blame but mostly me since every man in this house depends on me for knowing what to wear. Putting pj's on a preschooler who has been learning the rules for the past year prompted: "We don't wear underwear in Hawaii Mommy?"

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