Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stories of Jewels, Part II revisited

I accidentally reminded the Prices of another time. So while they have a find memory of the Romines dropping in at Flagler Beach, this story reigns supreme. 


Marcia has clarified that it was that Honda and not Eric's borrowed silver Camry, so the really, really best story ever, ever, ever is below.

This story is so good because it it encompasses the day Eric learned what it takes to love a girl.

Eric was relocating to Manhattan immediately after 9-11 and Nicole to across the river in NJ.  Nicole was to drive from FP to Orlando in the old Honda and Marcia and I were to deliver Eric and his stuff required for a new life in NYC to the meeting spot in Orlando.  Eric was to add his stuff to the Honda, now containing  Nicole's stuff required for a new life in NJ.  The rendezvous occurred like clock work.  BUT Nicole arrived with the Honda packed with her stuff so tightly that only a small tunnel remained for her to use the rearview mirror and for Eric to sit with his feet and arms squinched together.

Eric quickly realized his situation and wanted to spit!  Marcia took him aside and talked him down explaining needs girls have and that he could put his stuff under the front seats and between the backrests and walls.  Clearly she had not looked sufficiently because those spots were taken.

It was not a pleasant scene and we hated to send the two of them alone without a referee.

We don't know how the ride went, but clearly Eric learned about love and about girls.  That may have been just what it took to develop a terrific family.

Jim and Marcia

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