Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Say Goodbye to Hollywood

It's official. We sold the ol' Honda to a Pick-Apart shop. I shutter to think of what they're going to do to him. He's been so good to Eric, me, Vanessa, and Tina (in order from recent to first).

Unfortunately, he failed California admission standards so his fate was sealed that very day. 

Fondest Memory: Vanessa and I were driving back to Jacksonville when, without warning, the hood flew open and wrapped around the front windshield. Yes, it was like a scene from a movie where we were hanging out the windows to see where we were going while trying to drive a stick. What a story. 

Gu'bye ol' faithful. You'll be missed. 

Jewels. 159k+ miles logged. Countless memories. 

(If you'd like to share your fondest memory, please send my way and I'll happily post for posterity.)

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