Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Day for Sisto

Mommy and brother, Rafael, wished Sisto well on his first day of school. We happily walked two blocks and along the way he told me, "You drop me off and pick me up later." I think I prepared him too well for this day because (in true Tina fashion) he walked in the front door and never looked back. We found his cubby hole and dropped our spare clothes and immediately ran in to the room where they snagged him for his first hand wash of the day. If he learns nothing else, I'll be happy knowing he finally washes his hands enough, though he may need lotion given the number of times they hit the sink in a three hour period.

Most parents were lingering for our own sake and the six kids that showed up on day one could care less about any of us. So I asked for a kiss and he barely turned a cheek and said, "Bye!" as he was putting on an airline captain's hat in the pretend play area.

Daddy is arriving home any minute so the family can pick him up at 1130a to see how day one went and then begin the week-long celebration of Sisto's birthday. He's already obsessed with the pirate ships from Aunt Alli and gang. They all ate breakfast with Sisto this morning. Perfect gift considering the first words he utters when he jumps in my bed in the morning is, "Let's have a sword fight!"

 Sisto rides on the front of the stroller down the hill. 

New students anxiously awaiting the doors to open for school.

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