Friday, March 01, 2013

Rough day for Sisto

Well, it was going well till the afternoon came. He ran outside to go for a family walk, tripped on a mat and face planted literally in to a planter. It met the bridge of his nose and just under his eye. He's a trooper though. After a little treat from Menchie's and a run around the grocery store he took to running on the sidewalk (not allowed for the following reason). He met up with a bump a crack in the sidewalk and landed face first in to a puddle of sprinkler water while scrapping his knee. He jumped in daddy's arms me we called it a night. We think he was off his game due to current illness.

The story continues when Sisto woke up an hour early and had dad jump in bed with him. He proceeded to tell us all about the previous day's tales:

"I fell in the water. No running on the sidewalk. Only in the grass. I got a boo boo."

"I tripped and hurt my nose."

At least he remembers the rules. Well, I'm off to SF for a girls weekend while Eric explains the blacks and blues to everyone.

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