Sunday, September 02, 2012

Our week in Oregon

And it goes a little something like this:

Arrived in Portland at noon on a Sunday and immediately made our way to the museum of the Spruce Goose. Made our way to the ocean the following day where we spent 2 days making our way slowly up the coast, visiting lighthouses, beaches and Lewis and Clark Park. Thursday we spent the day driving the Columbia River and visiting Mount Hood. By that evening we had made it to Portland to catch up with Rich and Tina. Explored Portland and headed to Willamette County, home of grapevines galore. Eric and Rich took in a Ducks game, both came back to the hotel with obnoxiously bright yellow gear on. Thank goodness for Orange and Blue. Sisto enjoyed many hotel pools and even a water park in the middle of downtown Portland. We had a great time exploring another state we get to check off the map. Been there! :)

Not quite the Spruce, but closer to his size.

Found one his size.

Taking in the view in Newport at Yaquina Head.

Coast near Lincoln City.

Umpqua River Lighthouse

Small waterfall along the drive.

Tillamook van, beep beep!

You Goonie! Cannon Beach

Big waterfall, Multnomah Falls!

Feeling the wind.

Mount Hood

Picnic in the hotel.

So excited, the train is coming!

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