Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visiting San Francisco
Sisto, Mom and Dad headed to San Francisco Thursday night on what we thought was the best flight ever.Only 55 minutes, but the return flight was even cooler because Sisto got his own seat! Wish that happened more often...
Rich took us to Cuvaison, Carneros Napa Valley, for a few samplings where Sisto was happy to explore the terrain while we enjoyed the wine.
Saturday, Tina and Nicole went shopping at the Embarcadero for our Easter feast while Dad and Sisto admired the water/art installation in the square. Mom took him to the top of it and IN it! Sisto loves waterfalls so this is his new favorite spot in the city.
Plenty of time was also spent walking Buddy around the park and screaming "Weeeeeeee!" as we raced down the hill to the playground. Oh, and Sisto had his first memorable bus ride. After every stop he told the driver, "GO!"

(try to find daddy and sisto)

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