Friday, April 13, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It was a sad day at 912 9th Street. To go along with today's clouds and rain, we had to say goodbye to our trusted and reliable table and four chairs. Known as the yellow table and chairs to us, it gave the Eric Price Family 10 good years and even made an adventure west to see the Pacific. For more than 20 years prior, it was the known as the white kitchen table where it's home was in Bradenton with the Jim Price Family. Many a' meals were enjoyed around this table with both families and it's story will never be forgotten.

Purchased as a "temporary" table by Jim and Marcia until they were settled, it was a great find for around $20. From Gainesville to Bradenton, it stayed with the family for much longer then anticipated. Then, when it was time, the Price's handed it to their son and daughter-in-law where they proudly accepted it in to their home in Miami. Given a spruce new $40 paint job, the new "yellow" table was reborn.
Parting is such sweet sorrow, as now Los Angeles has her.


This dining room set (hey, it was a table and chairs at $20...a dining room set at $75) was bought during the 6 months we were in Palmetto and you were incubating. So it has been with us for all of your life. Its history, I believe is: Palmetto > Bradenton > FB (I think) > St. Pete >Miami (1) > Miami (2) > LA. Seriouisly, was meant to get us thru the apartment period in Palmetto and be dumped for new stuff in our new home in Bradenton!

Excellent stewardship.


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