Monday, March 15, 2010

The Windy City

and they ain't jokin'. Marc and I arrived just in time to start a stroll around the city as the sun went down. Only, just minutes after we walked out did the drizzle start followed by wind that ruined an umbrella. We mushed on and continued our Architecture walking tour, spotting all the beautiful man-made landscape surrounding the city. Marc also included special "Blues Brothers" locations so now I have to go back and watch the flick. Aside from the brutally cold wind and light rain, Chicago at night was quite amazing. We managed to enjoy ourselves, strolling around the city till we ended up at Lou Malnati's, just one of the famous deep dish pizza joints (luckily very close to our hotel).

Our morning of the flight actually turned out to be a great, clear, crisp day. So we strolled around the parks, enjoying the lake, city skyline and I popped in to the Art Institute for my fix of Monet's and the American Gothic and Nighthawks.

As Marc so perfectly put it, we've never seen clouds move through town so fast. This makes it hard to actually see the top of the Willis (a.k.a Sears) Tower. The best, clear view I had of it all day was as we took off from O'Hare airport, Lake Michigan in perfect view with the skyscrapers brushing up against it.

Final Images from the Train

We made it!

Reflection at the Bean!

St. Patty's Celebrations

Lake Michigan. Check.

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