Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coast Starlight continued

We woke up this morning to a snowy mountain range and thick forest all around. It rained last night on our way north and by the time we had our first stop in Kalmuth Falls, it was snow. The scenery of Oregon is gorgeous. Farms, lumber yards, forests, lakes (including Crater Lake).

We dined in the "Parlor Car" for most of our meals, it's exclusively for sleeper guests which we are. The dining car is for the "common folk" who just paid for seats. I promised Marc a meal in the dining car on the way to Chicago as we spotted the steak they serve and it looks like the tasty meal they offer on board.

We've got a couple more hours left till we arrive in Portland. Marc's excited for a real bed, and I'm SUPER excited to get off and really stretch my legs. We hear great things about downtown, which is where we're staying, so we should have a fun 24 hours before hoping on the next train to Chicago tomorrow evening.

Update on baby...he/she is enjoying the rocking which is making both of us nap every few hours. The eating while rocking, though, is giving mom a bit of nausea.

Stay tuned for pictures and Portland update! :)

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Eric said...

Sounds/looks like a great time. Take lots of pictures for me... miss you!