Monday, February 15, 2010


We are relaxing at a cafe, delaying our departure to the train station till the last minute possible (they're not known to be a happening spot). We've spent the past two days in Udaipur, visiting what is considered the most  romantic place in India, good time as yesterday was Valentine's Day. Every restaurant is on the roof which allows for a spectacular view of the sunset and the Lake Palace which is virtually floating in the middle of a somewhat water deprived lake.

Day One we wondered the streets and visited the "must sees". We toured the City Palace and were witness to a major set up taking place...a wedding. Some millionaire must be spoiling his daughter as they were hosting celebrations at what must be the hottest place to have a ceremony and celebrations. Hundreds of people were working on the production and although we weren't invited, we did get spoiled with the firework display they put on later that night. We learned about another maharaja family and the history and wonder they brought to this state of Rajasthan.

We continued our day, enjoying the city and found ourselves in a quiet courtyard enjoying a bit of silence from the streets and a delicious lunch. Afterwards, we hoped on a boat and took a beautiful and scenice boat ride around the city. A wonderful perspective and great view of all the magnificent structures...made me think of the shores of Italy, Indian style.

Today, we just wondered around the city and took it easy. We hit the half way mark of our trip and thought this would be a great place to slow down and enjoy just being in India. We shopped, Eric bargained!, and spent the day in and out of cafes and restaurants. As mentioned earlier, we're on a night train to Agra. Tomorrow is the Taj!! We're so excited!!

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