Saturday, February 06, 2010

So much for adjusting to the time difference (13.5 hours ahead of LA)... it's 4am and I am wide awake.

Nic and I had a great first day. We had a terrific potato and gravy breakfast with hot tea and then walked out our hotel into the labyrinth of 17th century streets and back alleys of Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi). They sidewalks are full of vegetables and flowers, monkeys run along the masses of electrical lines, and the flow of people is everywhere. Taxis, motorcyle tuck tucks, bicycle rickshsaws, and people walking on every conceivable space, but rarely ever bumping into each other... everything is organized in a structured chaos.

We started our day with a visit to Jamma Masjid, which as the largest mosque in Asia, has room for 25,000 worshipers. We climbed to the top of one of the minarets for an ariel view of the city, but unfortunately, saw mostly a polluted haze. At times the air is choking with smoke, exhaust, spices.

We hired a tuck tuck to speed around the city, visiting various sites and markets, rested with some coffee and tea in an old colonial british coffee house, sampled several different indian foods (mutton kabobs, tandori chicken, nan, and some sweet fried dough balls, and finally finished up our day far dirtier than we predicted when we first packed our suitcases with only 2 pairs of pants each. Laundry was done in the shower (not a good sign when you have to do laundry on the first day).

Overall the first day was a success. We feel great, and though a bit overwhelmed with all of the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds, we're excited to keep exploring the nooks and crannys. Love to all.

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