Friday, February 12, 2010

Delhi Belly and Then Some

We might have spoken a bit too soon about the food, as Delhi Belly has struck. It's been 24 hours and Eric is on the slow path to recovery. I must have a stomach of steel but a horrible sinus system because all evidence proves 4 full days in India equals a horrible, razor cutting sore throat due to the air pollution no book or video ever warns you about. At the conclusion of this blog, we'll put together a top 10 best and worst things they guide books leave out.

Despite these hiccups, we're still enjoying ourselves. We're, once again, staying in the "old" neighborhood of our city of choice in Jodhpur...these parts of town are the most crowded, busiest, noisiest and lively places of all. Pal Haveli is a heritage palace hotel located just steps away from the fort. We rested from the 2 flights and slight illnesses yesterday and woke up this morning ready to see Jodhpur. We explored the original castle and fort with an audio tour that made us feel like we were right in the thick of 15th century. From there we grabbed a tuk-tuk (they're a bit fancier here then in Delhi) to Umaid Bhawan Palace. We convinced the multiple guards to let us in (even though we weren't guests of the hotel). We enjoyed lunch on the veranda with beautiful sweeping views of the "blue city" and fort. We lingered as long as possible and wandered halls and stairways until we found ourselves on the floor of the presidential suite. There, a staff member approached us and whispered, "Do you want to see the Presidential Suite?" "Of course!" we replied. "Ok, I show you but don't tell anyone." What?!! Before we knew it he opened up doors that lead in to a palace of a room, complete with dining room which seated 12 and had it's own kitchen. The lounge room had a hint of 70-80s style to it (as that's when the palace was built)...but it gets better...from the main bedroom he led us to the spa room, the yoga room and proudly pointed out the tub was carved from one piece of marble. He went on to tell us Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and others had stayed there.

Tomorrow we head towards Udaipur, while stopping in Ranakpur along the way to visit the Jain Temples. Eric and I are embracing the bare feet thing, although it took some getting used to. Most temples have small pools of water to walk through before entering so at least they get a cleaning on the way in and out.

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W. R. Eilers said...

Sounds wonderful. Every cough, color, belly grumble. Enjoy. Tell us about the smells!! (After you are feeling better). I hope the illness is not Copacabana. Be safe, keep writing.