Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seattle, Washington October 2009

We spent the Columbus Day weekend enjoying the city and surroundings of Seattle. Although, it's hard to believe, we did not see one drop of rain, and on the day of our visit to the Space Needle, the sun was actually out. Thanks to our luck at Priceline we were able to book a great hotel that welcomes pets. We spent the first day hiking and admiring the glaciers of Mount Rainier. Once settled downtown in the heart of Seattle, we strolled around the city getting to know every coffee shop within a 2 mile radius. We also drank the local wine, listened to jazz, ate fresh fish, admired the beauty of Puget Sound, visited the Space Needle, and strolled through the flagship Nordstrom's. Best unexpected bargain was the free entrance to the historic museum displaying the history of the Alaskan GoldRush, something that put Seattle on the map (and Mr. Nordstrom).

Pikes Place Market

Pikes Place Market

View from Space Needle (Mt Rainier and Downtown)

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