Saturday, July 19, 2008

Going on a month in LA, which also means a month without Roma. It's so tough...good news is Eric is arriving this Friday to take the bar exam...the last day of the exam is his birthday so I'm planning an evening of bbq (found a place nearby) and maybe some drinks out on the town. Work has decided to keep me in LA. No more SanFran...thank goodness. I sort of feel like I'm home now, even though it's a hotel. Everyone here knows my name and I have a pretty darn good view of the ocean and pretty sailboats that cruise by...our 2 bedroom apt is ready to move in but our stuff isn't here yet...when it arrives, all are welcome to visit!! We'd love the company!

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Jimmy said...

I found your notes today so now I'll keep better track of you 3! Take care and enjoy the birthday celebration. Love, Mom