Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We are moving out west with the hopes of enjoying a new work/life balance together while I work at Wet Seal as a buyer and Eric studies for the bar and joins the ranks of fellow attorneys in CA:

Today thru Sunday (May 25th) – Eric is in Orange County and the likes of Sunny California (where the high at night is 60). He’s already had 2 interviews with firm recruiters and has met with a realtor about possible rentals near my new workplace (Wet Seal) in Foothill Ranch, CA.

Monday (May 26th) thru Monday (June 2nd) – I will be in Miami with Eric, wrapping up the details of our final days in South Florida, particularly South Beach (it’s been nice this far, I don’t know why we waited to the last month here to move out this way)…

Monday (June 2nd – June 6th) – I will fly to NY in the afternoon for market week. My final week at Macy’s. I have given them 3 weeks notice –and they have seemingly not utilized the 1st week of notice b/c my immediate boss and most others were on vacation (NMP). Eric will remain in Miami, wrapping up other household loose ends and hopefully start a new temp gig Downtown.

Friday (June 6th) – I arrive back in Miami. The rest is foggy. I would like to spend my final days in Florida, enjoying the beaches of Fort Pierce with mom and dad, but I’m sure I will have cars/vans to load so we’ll see…

Friday (June 13th) – Make way (possibly with Marc and/or Eric) to Orlando. My new niece/goddaughter is being baptized so this will be our (or maybe just my) final visit with the Price’s before heading out West.

Sunday (June 15th) – Cara’s baptism. In the afternoon, my cross country journey begins. I won’t bore you with the details of the drive (just know Vanessa and Marc might be joining me along the way and we will be stopping along the side of the road for cool stuff in TX, seeing White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns and, oh yeah, the Grand Canyon).

Friday (June 20th) – Arrive in Orange County, California, estimated time of arrival is late afternoon/early evening.

Saturday (June 21st) – Move in and spend the weekend exploring new home.

Possible work start dates are between 23rd and 25th.

Ok. So you’ve heard the schedule as best I know it as of today. I hope everyone shares in our excitement at the idea of a great new beginning in California. Dad, this does not slow down baby plans—you’ll be the first to know when we come upon that horizon. It’s bittersweet – in a perfect world, we would never leave our family or friends. We love you and look forward to exploring the west coast together, everyone is welcome, whenever, and we will be home soon.

Love- nic & eric

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